Problem Solving

Resolve your most complex, pressing, and persistent issues.

Some problems just won’t go away in spite of your best efforts to solve them. Others haven’t been around long, but are so critical they can’t wait to be solved. Whether it’s quality, customer service, cost, efficiency, morale… whatever the issue, we can help you clearly define the problem and its underlying root causes, define innovative solutions that will solve the problem in a lasting way, and develop implementation plans with broad commitment.

Strategic Planning

Define your purpose and chart a course for the future.

We can help you agree on your cause, ambition, guiding principles and success factors. Prepare current situation assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Identify and analyze scenarios for future inflections driving change. Generate a small number of strategic objectives with indicators and action plans for each. Then, develop a process to monitor and refresh the plan over time so it doesn’t just sit on a shelf.

Strategy Alignment

Get the organization rowing in the same direction.

Engage the leadership and stakeholders of the organization in dialogue to understand the strategy, digest its implications for their teams, and commit to the pieces for which they are accountable. Identify behavior changes necessary to drive culture shifts implied in the strategy. Build a narrative that participants can use to engage their teams in moving the strategy forward and embedding the culture changes in a sustainable way.

Process Improvement

Streamline the way work gets done.

No output is produced without a process, and an organization’s contribution to the bottom line is a direct result of process health. We can help you boost the efficiency, speed, and quality of your core business processes. Begin by defining the process objectives, indicators and current performance. Then analyze existing processes and demands, identifying inefficiencies and redesigning to optimize performance goals. Leave the workshop with action plans to deploy the new design.

Organization Design

Optimize your structure, roles, and processes.

Whether a new group is forming, or a mature one is re-forming, the process of organizing can be daunting. No matter how big or small, we can help you formulate your group’s mission, vision, guiding principles, success factors and strategic objectives. Then we can guide you through designing the organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and horizontal business processes that will enable you to achieve them. Finally, develop transition change management plans to migrate to the new design with minimum disruption.

Team Building

Take your team’s performance to the next level.

NOT a ropes course, trust fall experience, but a results-oriented, data based view to becoming a more highly performing team. Assess current team health comparing anonymously gathered data to an industry-proven framework. Agree on the standard of behavior for team members. Identify highest priority gaps/opportunities and build specific plans to measure and move in the direction of high performance in those areas.

Leadership Summits

Add spice, meaning, and value to your company’s gatherings.

You’re about to bring hundreds of employees together for a conference. Get your money’s worth out of the huge cost associated with travel and time away from work. We can help you develop over-arching conference objectives and themes that inspire and motivate, and then design and facilitate large group, breakout, and table activities to keep sessions exciting, interactive, meaningful, and action-oriented.

Facilitation Training

Become a force for designing, and leading better meetings. 

Learn and practice the step-by-step playbook for planning, designing, preparing, and leading collaborative face-to-face working sessions that deliver breakthrough results with remarkable levels of buy-in.  Attend a public course or put together an intact team class at your company.